Fly fishing courses

In our courses at Älvdalens Fiskecenter, you will learn the essentials of flyfishing. An experienced guide will teach you all the things that you need to know about fishingtechniques and different flies. The feel of catching a fish on a flyrod is hard to describe in words. You’ll have to experience it!

An 8 hour course and guiding. Learn the fishingtechniques, how to “read” the water and the art of catching fish on a flyrod. Fishingequipment and a 2-day fishing permit are included in the price. Accommodation in Hotel or Youth hostel incl full board. 3-20 participants.

The basics of fly fishing. With full board and guide.

Here we go through the fishing equipment, basic throwing technique, safe wading, reading the water and the art of catching and handling fish with fly rod.

Course program:

Friday night starts at 7pm:

All course participants and instructor meet in the evening and have a joint dinner. Then follows a presentation of the course and a theoretical review of what fly fishing is and how the equipment works.

Saturday morning (09.00-12.30):

We meet at Älvdalens Fiskecenter, located in the camping area, and start the day by assembling the equipment and then quickly move on to the actual throw. We start with throwing training on land to teach basic throwing techniques in “favorable conditions”.

Lunch (12.30-13.30): After a couple of hours of intense throwing training, we break for lunch.

Saturday Afternoon (13:30 – 17:00):

After lunch, it’s time to head out along the river to try out the newly acquired skills. The instructor is present all the time and shows different fishing techniques, flies, knots, where to find the fish and how to wade safely.


After a visit to the fishing center, where your guide gives you daily fresh tips, fishing continues, now on your own.

Other information:

Accommodation with full board in hotel is included. Up to 20 participants, but at least 3. All necessary fishing equipment and fishing permit for 2 days are included. Everyone who book fly fishing weekend also has a 15% discount in the fishing shop.

Price: SEK 3,295 per person.

Courses 2020:

May 15-17 / 5, 29 / 5-31 / 5.

June 5-7, 26-28.

Aug 14-16, 22-23, 28-30.

Sep 4-6, 11-13.

More dates may come, call and ask.